Gov. Pritzker signs bill creating elected Chicago school board

CHICAGO – Chicago is officially getting an elected school board.

Governor JB Pritzker on Thursday signed off on the plan in private, despite vocal objections from Mayor Lori Lightfoot

The current seven-member CPS board will now grow to 21 members in 2024. Ten members will be elected during that year’s general election. The remaining 10 members and a board president will be appointed by the mayor. Then, in 2026, all 21 positions will be picked by Chicago voters.

“An elected school board will help students and their families have a strong voice in important decisions about the education system in Chicago,” Pritzker said. “I applaud the members of the General Assembly for working together on behalf of their constituents to pass legislation that required compromise and thoughtful deliberation. I look forward to ongoing conversations with the General Assembly and mayor, in particular about the district’s finances, board members’ compensation and campaign rules.”

A moratorium on closing and merging schools remains until the process is underway. 

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