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Purchased Memory Supplements?

Nootropic memory supplements false advertising
  • Did you purchase Cognium, CocoaVia Memory+, or Magtein Inventor’s Original Formula memory supplements within the last two years?
  • Do you live in California or Illinois?

Nootropics supplements aim to improve mental functioning and memory. However, despite big promises made by supplement manufacturers, these products may not actually work as intended.

Studies supporting nootropics often end up sponsored by supplement companies, calling the validity of positive conclusions into question.

Do You Qualify?

If you live in California or Illinois, purchased one of the memory supplements listed below within the last two years, and used it for at least a month, you may be eligible to join this FREE nootropics memory supplements class action lawsuit investigation:

  • Cognium
  • CocoaVia Memory+
  • Magtein Inventor’s Original Formula

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Memory Supplements: Overview

One type of brain supplement is nootropic supplements. The term “nootropics” refers to natural or synthetic chemicals which benefit mental skills such as memory. Also called “cognitive enhancers” or “smart drugs,” these chemicals are available as prescription drugs, supplements, or even raw synthetic compounds.

Consumers may purchase these products for a variety of reasons including academic stress, professional obligations, and age-related mental problems such as dementia.

Doctors may prescribe prescription nootropics to patients struggling with ADHD, narcolepsy, or Alzheimer’s disease.

However, there are a wide number of nootropics memory supplements available on the market which consumers can purchase without a prescription. Three notable supplements include:

  • Cognium: This nootropic supplement is sold by Natrol and claims to be “Clinically Shown to Improve Memory & Recall” using a number of nutrients and Silk Protein Hydrolysate, a protein produced by silkworms.
  • CocoaVia Memory+: CocoaVia Memory+ claims to use cocoa flavanols to boost three types of memory (word recall, spatial memory, and long-term memory) in just 8 weeks.
  • Magtein Inventor’s Original Formula: Magtein packaging claims that the supplement has been “clinically studied to support memory, focus, cognition and overall brain health” through a patented compound — magnesium L-threonate.

Do Memory Supplements Actually Work?

Despite big promises made by supplement manufacturers, the efficacy of these products is up for debate.

In a statement to WebMD, Dr. Barry Gordon, Director of Cognitive Neurology/Neuropsychology at Johns Hopkins Medicine, said that there is “no strong evidence” that any nootropics supplements actually work.

“It’s not clear that they work and not clear that they’re safe,” Gordon said.

Instead, Gordon attributes the success of nootropics to a placebo effect. Consumers who take the supplements believe they will work and therefore do better, he explains.

Studies in favor of nootropics may seem solid at first glance, but the validity of these studies seems to unravel upon further examination.

Supplement companies sponsor many pro-nootropics studies, and the findings are typically interpreted to favorably support the nootropics supplements sold by study sponsors.

For example, CocoaVia Memory+ supplements tout the support of “10 years of memory research and 4 clinical studies.” However, CocoaVia manufacturer Mars Incorporated sponsored all four studies referenced by the supplement advertisements.

Some company-sponsored studies have even been retracted due to concerns about the validity of the conclusions.

Publishers retracted a 2013 study on silk protein hydrolysate, the active ingredient in Cognium, due to “misconduct” by study authors including data fabrication and falsification.

Non-sponsored studies routinely agree that larger, more reliable trials are necessary before doctors can safely recommend nootropics supplements to patients.

A 2021 report published in Food and Chemical Toxicology notes that cocoa flavanols could be beneficial to human health. However, researchers call for large, controlled trials before the plant-derived chemical can be recommended to the public.

“[I]t remains unclear whether cocoa consumption should be recommended to healthy subjects or to patients and what is the appropriate dosage or duration of cocoa consumption,” the study concludes.

Similarly, a 2017 review in Pharmacy Today notes that nine Korean studies cited by Cognium cannot be used to definitively support the nootropics supplement due to the study’s population.

Instead of studying older adults with concerns about mental performance, several of the studies examined outcomes of children and young adults. The review calls for more research in target populations before the supplement can be widely recommended.

Join a Memory Supplements Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

Countless consumers may have taken nootropics supplement claims at face value, believing that clinical studies support the supplements and prove them to be effective. If these advertisements were based on false conclusions, consumers may be able to take legal action for false advertisements.

Nootropic product claims that are being investigated by false advertising attorneys include: 

  • Cognium
  • CocoaVia Memory+
  • Magtein Inventor’s Original Formula

If you live in California or Illinois, used one or more of the nootropic memory supplements listed above for at least a month within the last two years, and have proof of purchase (such as a receipt, invoice, order history from an online retailer, or product packaging), you may be eligible to join this FREE nootropics memory supplements lawsuit investigation.

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