Hubert ‘depesz’ Lubaczewski: Display “settings” from plans on

Some time ago I wrote about new options for explains – one that prints settings that were modified from default. This looks like this: Aggregate (cost=35.36..35.37 rows=1 width=8) -> Index Only Scan using pg_class_oid_index on pg_class (cost=0.27..34.29 rows=429 width=0) Settings: enable_seqscan = ‘off’ Finally, today, I pushed a change that displays them on To […]

Mid-Missouri Swim Championships

The Mid-Missouri Swim Championships were held Saturday, July 17, 2021 at the new Mexico Aquatic Center. Teams came from all over mid-Missouri and included the Boonville Blue Marlins, California Sting Rays, Centralia Hurricanes, Eldon Dolphins, Fulton Fins, Jefferson City Barracudas, Marshall Tides, Mexico Marlins, and Sedalia Bandits. Go to Source Author: KXEO