Time & Money – Have You Ever Thought About It?

Time & Money – Have You Ever Thought About It?

This post is not about the #DomainIndustry. It’s about something more important than anything else in the world. Money or Time?

As a young boy growing up I came from a poor broken family. I was on my own at the early age of 15. Trying to survive on Street Smarts – I knew i had to outwork others – and that I did!

I remember the days I worked three jobs and only slept 3-4 hours a night just to make enough #Money – but then – gambled it all away within days.

But I had this unexplainable desire to never be poor again. Never to be hungry again and to never have to rely on others ever again! I never looked at my failures as problems. They were just challenges that I needed to learn from and to never repeat again.

#Money was one of the most important things to me for most of my life – perhaps because of the pain I had experienced in my early years. #Money was the chase. It was an addiction. I remember when I was 10 years old – seeing a Porsche go by and telling my mom’s boyfriend at the time that one day I was going to buy one – and him laughing at me, saying “You will never be able to afford a car like that.”

When I did finally buy my Porsche Cayman (many years ago), I was not sure if I really bought the car because I wanted it or because in my mind was this loser guy saying you will never get one. But the blueprint was set early and at 18 years of age I started my first company. By age 28 bought a house. Paid it off in 5 years and started to invest in stocks and other startups. After several new successful startups – I was able to financially retire before I hit 40.

So where am I going with all this? Is this not self promotion – or what?

Well, being poor and then making it – is not self promoting in my opinion. It’s called Life and we all have the same opportunity to do something with it.

So here’s the Question…..What will you run out of first? Time or Money?

Fast forward to today – it’s not money that I need or of importance. It’s #TIME! I can control the money thing and can make more if need be. But #TIME? I can’t make this, control it or even know how much I have left. Either do you!.

All my life I was this money guy that worked crazy hours, took so much risk on and finally made it. But, I was not so smart because along the journey, I wasted so much precious #TIME. Please do not make this same mistake. Who wants to be the richest guy in the graveyard? Who cares?

If you take anything from this post – be happy with what you already have. Sip your morning coffee slowly and enjoy it! Do something meaningful each day. Slow down and take 15 minutes for yourself. Money really is not that important. Yes – we need it to pay the bills – but what else do we really need money for? ,Money can’t buy us Time!

Note: This post was written using dictation software. #TIME is passing us by and nobody has the #TIME to be typing 2900 letters. Grab a coffee and get ready for a #DomainIndustry Post!

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