BCE.com – We almost had it!

BCE.com – We almost had it!

Several years ago I contacted the (then) owner of BCE.com and asked if he was willing to sell it to me. He said I missed it by a day. Huh?

Yep! the guy had sold it the day before for $30K and said that it was now with the lawyers to finalize. I said, it was not too late – and offered $60K and that I could close in an hour.

The guy thanked me & said that he could not accept my offer because he gave his word and had an email confirmation of the sale taking place. So I missed this one by a day.

Stiff Little Fingers

Another #DomainName I was interested in (back in 2008) was SLF.com. It belonged to a rock band called Stiff Little Fingers. I remember speaking to their manager and offering $15K. They wanted 90K.

I waited a few weeks and then offered to build them a way better website on StiffLittleFingers.com and $18K. They said, NO!

I see today they are at SLF.rocks and have a new website – Good for them! SLF.com looks to be for sale again – but I have no interest! That was then – This is now. I have moved on to bigger and better things.

file 11
file 12

Band: Stiff Little Fingers

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