Roadshow: Stinky smell near San Jose airport is back

Q: I work at Catholic Charities on Zanker Road in San Jose. For months now, when I come into work and when I leave the office, I smell a detestable, pungent odor hanging over the intersection of Zanker and Trimble. Do you know why?

Vicente Lovelace, Santa Clara

A: Oh, my, yes. There are two sources of this rotten egg odor. One is the Newby Island Landfill, at the west end of Dixon Landing Road. Another is an old sewer line built in 1948 that emits high levels of smelly hydrogen sulfide near the San Jose airport.

A new sewer line has largely been completed and should make the smell lessen.

The worst time for this smell is when the weather is hot.

Q: It happened again last week. I was waiting for a traffic light, merging from a minor street onto El Camino Real. My light changed from red to green, and I paused before proceeding. This time it was a car traveling from my left. The car did not even slow down and proceeded right through the intersection. Had I moved forward as soon as the light turned green for me, well, I don’t even like to think of it.

A few months ago it was a similar thing on Lincoln Avenue in San Jose. My light turned green, I paused, thankfully, and this time a large dump truck was speeding and ran through the red light. Had I moved forward when my light turned green, well, I don’t even want to think of it.

I know that anyone reading this would never run through a red light, or a stop sign, but I’m just posting this to remind them to not pull into the intersection as soon as the light turns green. Pause, make sure it is safe, then proceed. The life you save may be your own, and those of your loved ones riding with you.

Dana Grover

A: I hope others heed your plea.

Q: It is time to remind drivers that a black-and-white sign that asks them to turn on their headlights in daylight is not just a suggestion, but the law. I am referring, in particular, to Highway 152 through Pacheco Pass. My estimate is that perhaps only 50% of drivers observe this law. These highways are heavily used and require caution.

Ron Thibault, Saratoga

A: That they do. Your reading of the law is spot on.

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Author: Gary Richards