Can you guess which games 49ers will wear 1994 red-jersey throwbacks?

Can you guess which games 49ers will wear 1994 red-jersey throwbacks?

Pull out those 1994 red jerseys, 49ers Faithful. Or go buy the throwback model with modern-day stars. Those jerseys will get surprisingly extended use this coming season.

The red throwbacks won’t be a one-game affair. It’s their preferred evening attire for several key games.

They’ll be worn first against the rival Green Bay Packers in the Sept. 26 home opener at Levi’s Stadium. They’ll come out on that same “Sunday Night Football” stage against the Indianapolis Colts on Oct. 24.

That’s not all. The old-fashioned reds are the fashion choice Monday night, Nov. 15 against the Los Angeles Rams, then again Dec. 19 against the Atlanta Falcons (1:05 p.m. kickoff; could be flexed into prime time).

That vintage look, with the jersey numbers shadowed, is what the 49ers wore when Steve Young and Co. last hoisted the Lombardi Trophy. Also on that 1994 championship team was wide receiver John Taylor, who, during the 49ers’ State of the Franchise event, was named Wednesday to the Edward J. DeBartolo Sr. 49ers Hall of Fame, along with linebacker Patrick Willis.

Rumors had swirled on social media about the ’94 red throwbacks for weeks, and the 49ers confirmed it during Wednesday’s State of the Franchise show that streamed on their app.

Appearing in that throwback jersey, as part of a prerecorded hype video: Jimmy Garoppolo, Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, George Kittle, Raheem Mostert, Fred Warner, Arik Armstead and, in a cameo, Hall of Famer Jerry Rice. Not pictured: top draft pick Trey Lance nor defensive end Nick Bosa.

Three years ago, the 49ers (and Rice) unveiled all-white throwback jerseys from that same 1994 team, and that announcement culminated their State of the Franchise show before some 2,000 fans at San Jose’s downtown California Theatre.

The all-white throwback jerseys aren’t dead. They’ll be worn for prime-time road games at Seattle (Sunday night, Dec. 5) and Tennessee (Thursday night, Dec. 23).

This year’s red throwbacks come with a three-stripe sleeve, black and red pant stripes, a throwback oval-helmet decal on the side and a Saloon-font helmet front bumper. All jerseys this season will don a patch commemorating the franchise’s 75th anniversary.

The only home games the 49ers aren’t slated to wear throwback jerseys are daytime affairs against the Seattle Seahawks (Oct. 3), the Arizona Cardinals (Nov. 7), the Minnesota Vikings (Nov. 28), and the Houston Texans (Jan. 2).





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Author: Cam Inman