Discovery Bay gas line spill kills fish, injures geese

DISCOVERY BAY — The cause of an apparent marina fueling station failure that sent about 400 gallons of gasoline into Delta waters is under investigation, authorities said.

East Contra Costa Fire District firefighters responded shortly after 10 a.m. Monday alongside U.S. Coast Guard personnel, Contra Costa County hazardous materials and state fish and wildlife department staffers to a possible spill in the 5900 block of Marina Road.

Firefighters arrived at Discovery Bay Yacht Harbor, 5901 Marina Road, at the St. Mary’s Bay of the Old River to find “a heavy odor of gasoline” and site employees working to control an apparent leak, and later learned that a broken gas line drained gasoline into the water, killing at least four fish and injuring two Canada geese.

According to a Coast Guard statement, employees managed to set up a boom and put down absorbent pads, while the geese were later taken to a wildlife center for post-exposure rehabilitation.

There were no other reported injuries. Anyone with information about wildlife exposed to petroleum products may call Oiled Wildlife Care Network at 800-823-6926.

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Author: George Kelly

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