Community garden in Dolton plants seeds of hope

DOLTON, Ill. Just outside the doors to Fire Station #2 in Dolton, the vision of a community garden is growing for Allison Golden.

“We have eight varieties of tomatoes, we have lettuce, lots of herbs. It’s a good community thing and I think we really need it,” Golden said.

For weeks, Golden and a band of other volunteers have worked to transform this small space into something good.

Golden sought out this location, an overgrown former garden, to rekindle a hope she has held for her south suburban community during a turbulent year.

“We have a lot of negative stuff going on and I think this is a very positive thing,” Golden said.

Tending to the garden is a symbol for caring for the community and for one another, Golden added.

“It’s hard, but it’s good to be with the nature. It relieves a lot of stress that everyone’s been going through,” Golden said.

Her vision for now is to enlist others to come help, cultivate and learn while reaping the rewards of fresh, home-grown food and new friends.

“I think it’s important for people to learn how to produce their own vegetables, and they can come here, learn how to do it and then go home and make their own garden,” Golden said.

For those watching the work, these seeds of hope will produce a lasting outcome.

Chicago News