Hoodybaby Bring Out Lil Duke For “Stamina” Visuals

Hoodybaby teamed up with YSL’s Lil Duke for the visuals to “Stamina”. The project features a number of big names in the high paced star-studded project. The video was produced by Robert Valentino and had I high level of production quality. The Director of Photography Michael Vincent really brought the project to life.

The story line involves a prison break and break and entry with a comedic twist. Lil Duke and Hoodybaby perform along with cast of beautiful women as they rap about their sexual stamina.

The song also features a cameo from Lil Twist and well-known artist Chris Brown also appears in the music video. Chris Brown even posted the video on his Instagram page when it was released. The music video is funny and sexy and shows that Lil Duke from the same label as Gunna and Young Thug is a serious contender in the industry. Check out the video below, right here on Vents Magazine.

by Ivan Albery Powell

Vents Magazine