Organizers rally in Englewood for Gun Violence Awareness Day

CHICAGO A ‘Gun Violence Awareness Day’ event was held in the city’s Englewood neighborhood Saturday afternoon, with participants wearing orange in an honor of Hadiya Pendleton, who was shot and killed in the city in 2013.

Many of the event’s participants have been directly impacted by gun violence, with Camisha Pryor being no exception.

Her niece Kaylin was just 20 years old and an aspiring model when she was shot to death while walking to a bus stop in Englewood in 2015.

Kaylin’s heartbroken mother passed away just a year later, leaving Camisha’s family with tremendous loss.

At events like these, Pryor said coming together with those who have suffered in the same way is helpful to comfort one another.

“We get together a lot just to comfort each other. All of the families that have lost someone, we still try to live but it’s hard because you always think of your loved one,” Pryor said.

Chicago News