Toño Mauri returns to television with an ambitious project

Toño Mauri returns to television with an ambitious project

Toño added that Miguel Bosé is fully involved with the project. “He is an incredible being and what he tells will attract a lot of people’s attention and he is the other face that we do not know, the face that when you see your artists you cannot imagine what is behind it,” he explained.

Toño Mauri© @ elgordoylaflaca Toño Mauri was admitted to a hospital for six months and received a double lung transplant

Mauri explained that, despite his battle against COVID-19, production did not stop, since work began on it weeks before his hospital admission. “The truth is that he never stopped, in all this (his illness), the writers kept working, the series is practically all written and it is a wonderful bioseries.”

Of course, finding an actor who can play Miguel Bosé has not been easy at all, so they continue to search. “I know that they have not yet visualized it, it is difficult, if you are looking for someone, as, if it were the case of Diego (Diego Boneta from Luis Miguel, the series) who, not only comes to look a lot like Luis Miguel, but also he sings the songs of the series and the voice you could say is Luis Miguel ”, he said.

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