PREMIERE: The Contraptionists Release New Single “Working Man’s Dread”

Today we are pleased to join forces with the great duo known as The Contraptionists for the premiere of their new single “Working Man’s Dread,” a song that has no dread but rather its bombastic and upbeat melodies will get you pumped up and in the good mood right away.

About the song, Paul comments “The last song written and recorded for the album became the title track.Working Man’s Dread looks at the current experience of being a working person in America. How devaluing it can feel, and how much struggle it can take just to get by as a working person and a working musician as well.”

Givant and Andrews have played together for almost a decade in Rose’s Pawn Shop, releasing three studio albums and touring extensively. The Contraptionists evolved from RPS and takes some of its Americana folk threads, weaving and warping them through a stylized set of musical machines— “contraptions” made from drums, guitar, banjo, harmonica, stand-up bass, and vocal harmonies. 

With technical skill and creative bravado The Contraptionists combine a working man’s grit with a rambling man’s fervor to create a big, layered sound with just two bodies. The duo make music out of American reflections, the dreams and nightmares seen in a far off motel room’s broken television screen. Stylistically and lyrically the music is an alloy of rock and folk elements- murder ballads, road legends, and lovestory songs for the hopeful and broken-hearted.

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