Pilsen teens line up for COVID-19 vaccine

CHICAGO – Now eligible, a group of teens in Pilsen sought their first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine Sunday.

In Pilsen, the Instituto Health Science Career Academy held a vaccine event featuring 500 doses of the Pfizer-biotech vaccine. The event welcomed pre-registered kids and walk-ins. 

Eager families brought students who said they couldn’t wait to return to in-person learning. 

“It would feel really great to have that contact with the teachers and our peers because this year, it felt a bit isolating,” said 17-year-old Pamela Vojorquez. 

Samantha Ryan, 15, also received her first dose Sunday. “I get to interact with my teachers,” she said about the benefit of the vaccine. “I get to be back to normal with them. So I’m pretty excited about that.” 

Some students will return to class earlier than others. Summer school at Instituto Health Science Career Academy starts in July.    

Chicago News