The driver just had to sleep in the bike lane? Please.

Q: I read about the tired driver who was annoyed to be rousted by a policeman doing his job on a street off Highway 24. He freely admits to parking and taking a nap in the bike lane.

You were a little light on him. A bike lane is a travel lane. The policeman had to stop, block traffic with his lights on and perhaps circle around before doing that. This is the same argument from drivers who just skip into a store while parking in a handicapped spot.

Please. How about the safety of a cyclist who suddenly finds an obstacle blocking the lane?

I sympathize with drivers who have a breakdown. I expect them to have their emergency flashers on to alert cyclists and drivers of a problem.

The solution should be if you are tired don’t get out on the road without your nap. Or find a legitimate parking space and don’t park in a traffic lane.

Ralph Durham

A: Fair and valid concerns.

Q: The massive and wonderful improvement of Highway 84 has probably saved many lives or at least serious injuries since the days of the blind curve on Pigeon Pass.

But shortly after completion, within a year or two, potholes began to appear. Then they got bigger and more numerous and even bigger. You couldn’t drive, especially westbound up the grade, without hitting massive holes. To this day, there are potholes galore. Fortunately, I’m done commuting.

John Lubeck, Livermore

A: Good for you that you’re done commuting. This area is due for a major paving project in the next year or two. In the meantime, Caltrans will fill potholes. Motorists can report potholes, litter and other issues at

Q: There is a big pothole in the fast lane on I-680 in Concord which has hurt the alignment on my car.

I reported it to Caltrans and I got a email back saying that my complaint has been addressed. So I thought when I drove by last week I would not have to take quick action to hit the hole. But it’s still there and seems to have gotten worse in the last month. Please help, for my car’s health.

Joanne Clare, Danville

A: Don’t give up hope. It can take a few weeks for the state to respond.

Q: The new express lane on northbound Interstate 680 up the Sunol Grade has a saying “TOLLING BEGINS 2021.”  We’re now a third of the way into 2021. When will I, as a non-HOV driver, be able to pay to use this lane?

Ross Finlayson, Mountain View

A: Sometime this fall.

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Author: Gary Richards