RESOLVED: Customers may experience traffic loss across multiple products with requests destined to and from us-west2

Incident began at 2021-05-04 19:03 and ended at 2021-05-04 21:51 (all times are US/Pacific).

The issue with Cloud Networking has been resolved for all affected users as of apprixomately Tuesday, 2021-05-04 21:15 US/Pacific.

Customers affected by this issue observed traffic loss and were unable to reach VPN or Interconnect gateways from and to resources in us-west2 between 2021-05-04 17:37 to 21:15 US/Pacific.

The following products were impacted:

Google Compute Engine/Google Kubernetes Engine (Any resources/products using these products may also be impacted):
May experience high traffic loss and connections errors from and to us-west2 over public IP. Internal IP traffic should continue work as normal.

Cloud Interconnect/Cloud VPN:
May be unable to reach the gateway and high traffic loss.

Google Private Access:
May see high packet loss.

Google Compute VMWare Engine
Some instances may have entered a ‘down’ state.

We thank you for your patience while we worked on resolving the issue.

Affected products: Google Cloud Networking

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