Does Belinda steal the look from Andrea Legarreta in La Voz Kids?

Does Belinda steal the look from Andrea Legarreta in La Voz Kids? | Instagram

The singer Belinda once again gives something to talk about and this time it was her image in “The voice Kids“What drew the most attention especially from users on social networks who did not stop by pointing out various similarities between today a reality coach and the presenter of Hoy, Andrea Legarreta.

Belinda He captured all eyes on this occasion after his image was similar to that of the consecrated morning host, Andrea Legarreta, among various questions, netizens said if the “Christian Nodal’s girlfriend“, had decided to copy the look of the famous collaborator of the broadcast.

“Andrea Legarreta or Belinda?”

“You don’t look like you”, “Andrea Legarreta’s twin”, however, what was an indisputable fact for many was that although she looked different, she looked very beautiful.

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The entire controversy began when the television actress, who currently participates in the Netflix series “Welcome to Eden”, which has led her to settle in Barcelona after finishing the reality show recordings, shared a photograph on Instagram of her recent appearance in one of the broadcasts of La Voz Kids, this week.

The “pop star”, who has always distinguished herself by having a unique style in her image, always manages to capture the attention by showing various outfits that make her a sensation on social networks.

So it is not surprising that he always receives various comments where “Beli” fans dedicate several compliments and thousands and thousands of likes, as happened with the most recent image he shared.

Today’s “influencer” caused a stir on her Instagram account after showing a black and white image which also did not prevent her from highlighting one of her most characteristic features, the freckles that cover her face along with some strands of hair that tried to appear take up space in the chamber.

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However, the small details in the image did not go unnoticed by users who did not hesitate to highlight the similarities between the influencer and Erik Rubín’s wife.

On the other hand, as we mentioned before, the endearing interpreter of “Sapito” always manages to surprise everyone since she is a very versatile figure in terms of her image, so it will surely not be the only time that her appearance will be something to talk about. in the broadcast.

And it is that in addition to possessing a remarkable natural beauty, the famous woman cannot hide her wide and original taste for fashion, something that has always accompanied her as she would manifest in an interview conducted after starring in a session for a magazine.

However, the popular “princess of pop” who today records scenes for one of the stories on the content platform, currently lives with her inseparable love in the motherland where she spends her days in the company of the interpreter of “De los besos que I gave you”.

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Even recently, the famous duet of the show starred in the celebration of eight months of courtship and it was a video that showed one of the most personal moments of the couple, in addition, Belinda also shared one of the most beautiful dedications from her boyfriend with an image in which two glasses appear and a message from Christian Nodal expressing all his love.

The shows were a real delight for the duo’s loyal fans and particularly for the “Belifans” who are always aware of their every step and love to see their favorite artist so happy, it must be said that it is not the only moment which has attested to all this cloud of love that has enveloped the figures of the pop and regional genre.

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Mainly, it has been the fan pages of the romantic duet who have been in charge of highlighting each of the moments of this clan that has placed their love story among the favorites of the public.

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