Carolina Sandoval shares a message for all those who call her crazy and criticize her incessantly

“They are going to call you crazy, because you are”, says the audio you shared Carolina sandoval on TikTok and Instagram, respectively. The reproduction has several images in which “La Venenosa” appears making his own on social networks. Images that summarize his personality to some extent. The one that has been criticized and exposed on several occasions by many “haters” or “digital worms”, as she calls them.

The full message shared by the former Suelta La Sopa panelist says all this: “They’re going to call you crazy, that’s why you are. Because you were born with the gift of seeing things differently and that scares them. They’re going to call you intense, because you are. Because you were born with the value well placed, to allow you to feel everything fully and that outrages them. They are going to call you selfish because that’s the way it is. “

Along with these words Carolina Sandoval adds: “I am like that and I like it and that is the most important thing.”


I am like that and well I like it and that is the most important thing

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The video on Instagram obtained several messages, among these is that of the Venezuelan driver Viviana Gibelli, who wrote. “I call you Bella for being you.” Many followers reiterate their support for Sandoval and assure him that they like his crazy things. Someone else also told him: “Carolina when you are different from the others people will always call you crazy / that you do not have respect that you do not educate and much more but you and I know that we are the opposite of what people think God bless you and your family and move on that nothing stops you in the end, it’s your life It hurts nobody ”.

Many also appreciate her way of being and the kind of messages she shares and promotes through her social networks, and it is that despite the criticism of her they consider her authentic. “I love you for being unique, authentic. Thank you, thank you, thank you for breaking stereotypes. It continues to give optimism and smiles and very important life lessons that one can be different and authentic ”.

The authenticity of Carolina sandovalOn the other hand, it is the one that has taken her to the top of success, which she builds on social networks every day. Thanks to the way he is, his message now reaches more than 2.7 million people, which is the number of followers he has on Instagram. His success is also multiplied on TikTok where he already has 2.1 million followers.

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