Luis Suárez is close to surpassing a record set by Colombian Radamel Falcao

‘El Pistolero’ has scored 19 goals this season, all for La Liga.


Quickly adjusting to a new club is not an easy task. During the adjustment period you can be very patient for some and anxious for others. Luis Suárez arrived at Atlético Madrid last summer and is very close to surpassing a record set by the Colombian Radamel Falcao Garcia, in force since the 2011/2012 season.

In that season, Falcao set a goal score for a debutant player in the ‘Colchonero’. The Colombian striker scored 24 goals in the Spanish league, a figure that could not be surpassed after almost 10 years.

‘El Tigre’ won the Copa del Rey, Europa League and European Super Cup / Photo: Michael Regan / Getty Images

However, the former FC Barcelona striker, Luis Suarez, is very close to reaching and even exceeding those numbers. The Uruguayan, in his first season with the Atlético jersey, has managed to convert 19 goals per league. With 10 games to go, Suárez must score 6 goals to surpass the Colombian in this line and establish a new brand in the institution ‘Colchonera’.

A more ambitious record in the hands of another Uruguayan

In the 2008/2009 season of the Spanish league, Diego Forlán managed to convert 32 goals. This figure placed him as the top scorer ‘Colchonero’ of the XXI century. His compatriot is 13 goals from that mark. It may be a little further from achieving it, but as in life, in football everything is possible.

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