osTicket 1.15 released

A new stable version of osTicket has just been released. The new version is 1.15, and with it heralds several important things that you need to know.  First and foremost is that you are now required to tin PHP 7.2 to 7.4.  It will not work with 7.1 or older.  Secondly, it means that the 1.12 branch is now end of life and no longer supported.  Third it introduces 2FA/MFA backends to deal with the forth coming Microsoft O365 and Google discontinuation of legacy authentication methods.

This version adds several enhancements, and improvements.  Additionally it upgrades several component packages used by the product.


osTicket v1.15



  • Issue: Missing Events (38232f2)
  • Issue: 2FA Upgrade (0065c3b)
  • Ticket From Email (f02edd9)
  • Issue: User Custom Dept Field (52825f0)
  • Staff: Password Change (7527ea7)
  • oops: Indexes Patch Schema (709b55f)
  • CsvImporter: Skip Byte Order Mark (BOM) if present (bfd5da8)
  • Oops: Method Inheritance Compatibility (cb13b82)
  • issue: Form Instructions Translation (4f7d23c)

Coinciding with this release are two new Official plugins that only work the 1.15.  They are:
– 2FA::Google Authenticator – which allows you to configure 2FA using Google Authenticator
– Authentication:: Password Policy – which gives you greater control of the password policy of your instance.

Additionally there has been a maintenance release for 1.14.

osTicket v1.14.4



  • Issue: Event YAML (52c7211)
  • issue: Missing Description On New Task (949acc6)
  • issue: Draft Save (f2c5c5a)
  • mpdf: Logo Overlap (5012ccc)
  • Issue: Viewing Email Templates (817cdee)
  • Issue: Topics on Install (bfaad5b)
  • Partially revert commit 077d26f (d554c2b)
  • Issue: Prevent Deleting All Topics (8d2b8c6)
  • Issue: Sub Queues (8e3a6c6)
  • authtoken: Add ticket link when recipient is ticket owner (2be608c)
  • redactor: Improper Formatting When Double Spacing (fe26123)
  • forms: Add SECRET_SALT to field name hash (4eeb4b5133362d)
  • issue: Better URL Parsing For External Inline Images (50eed90)
  • Issue: Default Delimiter (f302503)
  • issue: Update Autocomplete (d3245b1)
  • Fix incorrrect compare locked staff at Ticket Preview (e8f0c58)
  • Don’t use a default comment on ticket assignment (433e62d)
  • Issue: Ticket Export Delimiters (38dbe73)
  • CsvImporter: Skip Byte Order Mark (BOM) if present (9e1dfef)
  • Drop nested table from open new ticket (fb0164b)
  • issue: New Message Alert Recipients (ea9cd56)
  • issue: Custom REGEX Failure (4850b2a)
  • Issue: Ticket From Thread Attachments (1de3f6a)
  • cli: Manage.php Errors (239b9ba)
  • issue: Assignee Field (3c89117)
  • issue: Agent Password Reset With No Existing Password (101ebea)
  • More modern, cleaner DocBlock (84195ec)
  • issue: Ticket Merge Select2 (bffac98)


As always the new stable, the new maintenance release, and official plugins can be downloaded from osticket.com/download.

Important Reminder! Support for the 1.12 branch has ended on Nov 17, 2020.  That means the 1.12.x branch has reached end of life and will no longer receive updates and patches.  Please upgrade immediately.


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