osTicket 1.15.2 released

A new stable version of osTicket was released about two (2) hours ago. The new version 1.15.2 like the rest of the 1.15 branch requires PHP 7.2 to 7.4.  It will not work with PHP 7.1 or older. 

This release contains three (3) enhancements, twenty-one (21) improvements, and two (2) security updates.  Due to the Security patches it is recommended that you upgrade your sites immediately.

Here are the release notes:


  • Issue: Visibility Permissions (8da9da3)
  • Depts Visibility (fe37ae2)
  • Issue: Task Inline Transfer (e43d6bf)


  • Make word count error match the actual limit (3e177bb)
  • Mute warning when Every Minute is selected. (2a56da7)
  • Remove extra selection – Choice Field handles prompt. (b564ce3)
  • Fail gracefully when supported matches return null (4550b65)
  • Create variable before passing it by reference (858649c)
  • FAQ: Check for lookup failures (edd1feb)
  • 2fa: use isset to check checkbox (7f68060)
  • Session: Regenerate session id before closing it. (14e9fb2)
  • Issue: Unlinking Tickets (98efec5)
  • Issue: Agents/Depts in Queue Cols (d8f6ef6)
  • Issue: Revise getDepartments (71f4c0c)
  • Issue: Visibility Permissions (3ee5941)
  • issue: getDefaultDeptId() On Null (38a09e6)
  • issue: Dashboard Export Date Range (db79149)
  • Issue: Echoing Default Dept Status (fe31575)
  • issue: Export Memory Limit (3a5e5c9)
  • Use PageNate->showing() for Users and Orgs in SCP (63f0ae8)
  • Don’t capitalize Queue menu items (2348850)
  • Issue: Disabled Dept on Email (b1397a3)
  • issue: Assign To Sort Alphabetically (77c7a12)
  • Update class.plugin.php (4a3451f)


The old branch (1.14.x) has also received an maintenance release 1.14.6.  You can read about the Enhancements, Improvements, and Security updates in 1.14.6 here:

As always the new stable, the new maintenance release, language packs, and official plugins can be downloaded from osticket.com/download.

Important Reminder! Support for the 1.12 branch ended on Nov 17, 2020.  That means the 1.12.x branch has reached end of life and will no longer receive updates and patches.  Please upgrade immediately.

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