osTicket 1.14.3 released

A new stable version of osTicket has just been released. The new version is 1.14.3. This version adds several enhancements, improvements, and security updates.  Additionally it upgrades several component packages used by the product.

Note: this new version does not have database format changes, so the upgrader will note run if upgrading from 1.14.

Here is an overview of all the changes included:


  • select2: Update To 4.0.13 (b67c75b)
  • jquery: Update To 3.5.1 (121ab41)
  • redactor: Upgrade to version 3.4.2 (384fe27)
  • Issue: Template Variables in Ticket Filter (8ef505d8a82d1e)
  • issue: Get Team Members For Alerts (d88e384)
  • Issue: Topic Help Tip (66fc808)
  • Create SECURITY.md (165cf180ecfceb)
  • redactor: Upgrade to version 3.4.1 (8f08a09)
  • inline: RichText Fields View First (d8ff946a97ddba)
  • print: Update Icons and Add Titles (be18e46)
  • issue: Update Print Options Icons/Text/Title (b4cd46a)
  • refactor: Help Topic Status Refresh (2dee16b)
  • Adding translation to the dashboard plot labels. (ebfd68b)
  • Issue: Language Verification (a1e9342)


  • oops: Local Inline Images (f6cd8c4)
  • Issue: Ticket Edit Save (3281e74)
  • Revert Topic Saving Fixes (0ff87f3)
  • issue: NOTLS For IMAP/POP Without SSL (7506937)
  • Update dynamic-field-config.tmpl.php (e847ddb)
  • Ticket Merge Translation Improvement (ba389a6)
  • oops: Task Missing Parentheses (b7684ad)
  • Issue: Create Task File Upload (87f5006)
  • issue: Delete Users With Tickets (9d2e1da)
  • DynamicField Update (c21452b)
  • issue: Form Field Help Text Not Null (e295c52)
  • export: Duplicate Results (b415baf)
  • issue: Email Template Internal Notes (8d6b9aa)
  • oops: Change lastupdate To updated For Tasks (03bedc5)
  • i18n: Redactor Files Not Included (f91308a)
  • Issue: Ticket Task Print (7b6ba94)
  • Issue: Topic Fields on Ticket Edit (f79a28a)
  • issue: Activity Notice getLastRespondent() (07024fc)
  • Issue: Create Team With Members (6f50e91)
  • i18n: Don’t Store Files Under Branch Name (31dfc6e)
  • template: Add Ticket ID To Var Scope (351f8ec)
  • Issue: Topic and Department Columns (36778cc)
  • sla: Force Intval For Scientific Floats (9ea2e4d)
  • oops: JS Method Typo (58e559d)
  • issue: Signature Box No Longer Expands (5d68847)
  • install: Add Mark As Answered To All Access (0765571)
  • print: Client Print Not Respecting Identity Masking (5db5a72)
  • templates: %{ticket.thread.complete} Not Respecting Identity Masking (faec1a7)
  • issue: Filter Action Add Button (adc46ae)
  • install: Embedded Domain Whitelist (e0b5d81)
  • install: Schedule, SLA, and Help Tip Updates (88dd0aae589c1b1860db4)
  • Issue: Ticket Number Search (61443ef)
  • issue: PHP 7.4 Warnings (1aafa42d93379e90f5985)
  • issue: Flush Model Cache (db5eb07)
  • Issue: PHP Warning (4997780)
  • issue: MySQL 8.0 {min,max} Value Error (bb54dea)
  • issue: Mass Delete Help Topics Warning (52fd884)
  • issue: Org Added Collabs (0ee25b8)
  • issue: Attachment Upload Configuration (2540350)

Performance and Security

As always the new stable can be downloaded from osticket.com/download.

Important Reminder! Support for the 1.10 branch has ended on Nov 19, 2019.  That means the 1.10.x branch has reached end of life and will no longer receive updates and patches.  Please upgrade immediately.


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