2 men shot at by off-duty officer in Irving Park suing City of Chicago, police

CHICAGO – Two men are suing a Chicago police officer and the city following an off-duty officer-involved shooting.

Representation for the pair says they’ve suffered physical injuries and emotional damage since the December shooting. The Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) released a video and a statement Tuesday night for the public to review.

“There’s a long-standing problem with police violence in this city and it’s particularly directed towards Black people and brown people and it’s a problem that continues to happen here and the city needs to take steps to end it permanently,” said Brad Thompson, the lawyer of Jomner Orozco Carreto and Carlos Ramirez.

According to COPA, on Dec. 11, off-duty officer Kevin Bunge was sitting in his parked car near W. Irving Road. Investigators say the officer heard gunshots in the area, got out of his, drew his gun and approached two men in a parked car behind him.

Bunge claims the men pointed a gun at him.

Authorities say that’s when the off-duty officer fired his weapon, striking the driver in the hand. Multiple calls to 911 followed as the two men drove off for help at a nearby 7-Eleven.

According to Thompson, neither man possessed a gun. “There was no gun recovered. They were both unarmed.

“There’s really no explanation or no justification why anyone who should be pulling over to the side of the road to stop to check directions on their phone should be subject to violent assaults by police officers on duty or off duty.”

WGN attempted to speak with the two men but they declined, stating that they were not ready to talk about the ordeal. WGN also reached out to the Chicago Police Department for comment. The department referred to a statement released by COPA, which states:

COPA’s investigation into the officer’s use of deadly force is ongoing to determine if the officer’s actions are in accordance with Department Policy. We encourage members of the community who may have witnessed this incident or have additional information to contact COPA at (312) 746-3609 or visit chicagocopa.org for more information.

Statement from COPA

WGN asked Thompson what responsibility does the city hold in the shooting?

“It’s still early in the investigation,” he said. “Things will continue to unfold as to what other offers did and did not do that night.”

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