What are police doing about these frightening sideshows? Roadshow

Q: Despite the announcements that police will be cracking down on sideshows and street racing, it continues. This is maddening. It is frightening and seems to happen almost every weekend.

We live near Communications Hill and Almaden Expressway, and this is a frequent occurrence. We hear the cars and gunshots, as well. Instead of waiting for a report that an incident is already in progress, I’d like to know what is being done by police.

Terry Barwegen,  San Jose

A: Reports of dangerous sideshows seem to be on the increase, and San Jose police try to clamp down when they have officers available. But these events can occur throughout the city.

You can do two things: call 311, a non-emergency number to report past sideshows and give police a heads up. Of course, 911 is the best number when these sideshows are occurring.

This is a serious matter. Drivers and spectators at sideshows have sometimes been injured or killed. Gunshots have sometimes been fired between cars.

Q: I made the mistake of suggesting “kindergartners” as a name for dangerous, impatient drivers and got scolded by a thoughtful, retired kindergarten teacher. I grudgingly agree that it is too insulting to these delightful children. I like the idea of your contest and hope to redeem myself by suggesting “jerk jockeys.”

Doug Peterson, San Jose  

A: Doug, you are forgiven. Dozens of readers have nominated nicknames, so many that I’ll publish some of them over two days, beginning Sunday. Mrs. Roadshow has a couple of suggestions, including one she thinks her late mother (an Iowa resident who was not a fan of California traffic) might have entered in the contest.

Q: Our neighborhood is concerned about the stoplight at Willow Glen Way and Almaden Road. Turning left onto Willow Glen from Almaden is an unprotected turn, and oncoming traffic is not visible, as cars are coming uphill toward you.

Also, when cars are parked on the north side of Willow Glen, making that left turn is really tight, and some larger cars and trucks need to make a 3-point turn.

The city can fix this by making the left a protected turn and either moving the stop line back on Willow Glen or painting the north curb red to keep people from parking there.

Kate Kosoglow, San  Jose

A: The city says there is not enough space to fit in a left-turn pocket, but it might paint some red curbs in a few months. At the next pavement opportunity, the Department of Transportation will evaluate the need to push back the stop bar on Willow Glen.

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Author: Gary Richards