Which Highway 101 situation is scarier? Roadshow

Q: I have to ask: Where is the CHP?

I commute from Morgan Hill to Santa Clara. I take Highway 101 to Highway 85 at 7 a.m., then return home around 5 p.m. Since COVID-19, it seems like the CHP has disappeared. Rarely have I seen them.

I can use the carpool lane, but I don’t because drivers are going 80-90 mph every day. No rules seem to apply on the roads any longer and it’s scary.

Kathleen Arensberg, Morgan Hill

A: Ross-the-CHP-Man says: “I can offer the following explanation. Our officers are always in the field providing service and appropriate enforcement. Many times, especially during commute hours, officers have a higher call volume, and combined with enforcement efforts, are very busy responding to motor services, collisions, and issuing citations.

“In order to have a minimal effect on traffic, officers will try to conduct this business off the freeway when possible, meaning they are less visible to the public.”

P.S: Speeding tickets are way up.

Q: I was terrified on my morning commute last week on 101 from Great America Parkway to University Avenue in Palo Alto. Along this route, there are sections without lane markings and reflectors, most notably around 85 and Shoreline Boulevard. This is a scary situation on a regular commute, but with the pounding rain and still dark – it was extremely treacherous.

Why has this not been corrected? It is disheartening to see new FasTrak lanes without evaluating other fixes on the same stretch.

Could you please pass this along to Caltrans?

Page Fleck, Santa Clara

A: I have, and repairs will be scheduled, but first …

Q: I drive 101 to South San Francisco daily. The road is a mess and a danger to drive. Last week’s rains made it impossible to see your lane. Plus, there are deep gouges in every lane where it looks like they tried to remove lane stripes. When is 101 due to be repaved?

Joseph Dittberne, Sunnyvale

A: When the FasTrak extension to Interstate 380 is completed late this year, paving will likely occur from 85 to near San Francisco International Airport.

Q: On a freeway you know to look out for speeders, but driving down Union Avenue in San Jose is another story. Last week a car passed in the lane beside me going at least 70 mph. At that moment, my thoughts turned a bit ugly toward the driver.

Pat Beall, San Jose

A: I understand your thoughts in that situation, but it’s good that you remained calm.

Q: Regarding the cows that got loose on Highway 1 in Aptos and closed the highway, they should moooove over to the udder lane.

Dale Allison/, Sunnyvale

A: A good one, Dale.

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Author: Gary Richards