3 Namecheap Alternatives: Affordable Website Hosting

3 Namecheap Alternatives: Affordable Website Hosting

From a consumer’s perspective, every modern brand is associated with a particular product. McDonald’s is hamburgers, Nike is shoes and Namecheap is of course domain names. These companies often have plenty of other items for sale.

But they specialize in one area that identifies them as a business. McDonald’s for example sells a filet-o-fish sandwich too, but that’s not something we trust from a burger joint. And the same holds true with Namecheap and website hosting.

Namecheap has been a well-established domain registrar for nearly 18 years, falling just behind their rival GoDaddy. Similar to the competition, they also saw the hosting market as an untapped source of revenue and capitalized in the way they know best, quantity over quality. As one may assume from their name, Namecheap services are provided at absolutely rock bottom prices, more than 3x cheaper than the next lowest cost competitors.

Such drastic savings of course have their appeal. But, unfortunately, this does not come without sacrifice in other areas of importance. For what they offer and the prices they charge, their shared hosting plans aren’t the worst service in the world.

They cater to a specific audience that values cost savings above all else. But customers should remember to temper expectations, quality is not the utmost priority for their business.

For those that value their website presence and expect the most from their host, there are still affordable solutions on the market that offer the best of both worlds. We will take a look at the top 3 alternatives to Namecheap, offering professional hosting services for those on a budget.

Here’s a quick recap of why each of these hosts is a great NameCheap alternatives and some of their features and capabilities.

1. Bluehost

(Namecheap Alternatives)

Bluehost - Namecheap alternatives

In a league of their own, Bluehost has the largest market share of customers in the hosting industry. Powering more than 2 million websites worldwide, their plans remain among the cheapest options available while still maintaining exceptional quality and service.

Recommended as the #1 choice for WordPress hosting by WordPress.org. They also have one of the absolute easiest platforms to use, capable of setting up a brand new site with your choice of software in under 5 minutes.

For those interested in a direct comparison between Bluehost and Namecheap. We recently took an in-depth look at these providers side by side. Otherwise, we will provide a brief overview of what you can expect from this business and why they are the best alternative to Namecheap for affordable web hosting solutions.

Pricing –

Thanks to various promotions every month. The Bluehost starter plan tends to fluctuate somewhere between $2.75/mo. and $3.95/mo. with upgraded packages priced just slightly more expensive.

Bluehost Pricing

While this doesn’t compare to the mere cents they charge at Namecheap. It’s hard to argue with spending a few bucks per month for one of the best hosting services in existence. To keep things simple, Bluehost really only has two choices before you get started.

You either purchase the Basic plan for a single site. Or go Prime for a completely unlimited platform, free to host as many domains and use as much space, bandwidth, and other resources as you need. (As far as we can tell, the Plus plan is basically just a placeholder)

As for the customer support, you have access to 24/7 assistance with literally any question or problem you may encounter. Experts are always available via 800 phone number or Live Chat as soon as you need them. No hassles or hoops to jump through for help.

For those less urgent matters or clients with a desire to learn, they also maintain a vast knowledgebase, featuring hundreds of well-written articles covering nearly every subject imaginable. When we compare all that to Namecheap’s lack of phone support, limited live chat, and 2+ hour response times, it becomes evident which business prioritizes their customer’s satisfaction.

While these are but a few of the most notable differences between the two companies. There is no shortage of ways in which Bluehost excels. Aside from the cost, these two services are apples and oranges in terms of what they include. To summarize just a few of the other reasons that Bluehost is our top pick…

Bluehost Is Our Top Pick Because:

  • Simplified Hosting Platform: Regardless of your experience level, you can have a website up within minutes at Bluehost. Their platform is powerful, yet designed with ease of use in mind. Whether your plans involve WordPress, Magento, or any other popular software solution out there, the process couldn’t be any more simple.
  • Free Domain Name: Despite the plan you choose, they throw in free domain name registration like “yourwebsite.com” to save both time and money. It looks a lot better than a sub-domain and doesn’t hurt keeping everything under the same roof, especially when it comes time to renew.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: When you have questions or issues, the 24/7 customer support is available over both phone and live chat, always there to help should the need arise.

2. HostGator

(Namecheap Alternatives)


As another EIG (Endurance International Group) owned business, HostGator has lost some of the esteem they once held within the hosting community. They are however still one of the best providers on the market, with affordable plans, high-quality services, and exceptional customer support. Aside from a few exceptions, they are basically a no-frills choice where what you see is what you get.

If you would like to check out our full review of HostGator services. That article is available at HostGator Review for Affordable, Quality Hosting in 2018. For now, we will take a brief look at what they have to offer in direct contrast with Namecheap, providing some insight into why they are among our top picks for professional hosting on a budget.

HostGator is the definition of a truly unlimited platform, with no restrictions on storage or bandwidth usage for any plan (including the starter Hatching package). This is almost unheard of in the hosting industry and can certainly appeal to those with an excess of large files.

Pricing –

Since there are essentially no resource limitations. The only difference between the first two tiers is the number of domains you can host. With Hatching being limited to one, while the second tier Baby plan makes that unlimited as well. At this point in time, the premier Business plan is priced the same. Yet throws in a Free SSL certificate, dedicated IP Address, and even VOIP phone service not bad for just $5.25/mo.

Besides the affordable, feature-rich plans, their entire platform is built with a customer-oriented approach. As with our other picks, HostGator offers award-winning customer service with 24/7 phone and live chat support, any time day or night.

Ready to place an order and get started?

They will transfer your existing site free of charge, or walk you through software setup every step of the way. With tools like the 1-click installer, website builder and more. You can start anything from a blog to a e-commerce store within minutes.

We won’t delve into much detail since our review covers them in-depth. But HostGator is a fantastic choice for websites of any size. With cost-effective prices, professional support, and a wide array of tools. There just isn’t much else you could want from a hosting provider.

3. SiteGround

(Namecheap Alternatives)

SiteGround - Namecheap alternatives

SiteGround is rarely considered as being a budget option, better known for its advanced hosting platform, exceptional customer service, and cutting edge technologies. Still, considering they are among the highest-ranked providers on the market. Their plans are competitively priced and very reasonable for webmasters with limited finances.

While they don’t offer to host for cents on the dollar, their starter plan costs less per month than a gallon of milk. Since websites serve as our virtual presence on the internet. It’s worth spending a few bucks so we can rest easy. Knowing our pages are online and accessible 24 hours a day.

Our other suggestions may save you a few extra coins per month. But SiteGround is easily the best at what they do and they do it better than anyone.

For those that would like to view our full recap of SiteGround and their services. We previously covered them in full at SiteGround Review for Shared Web Hosting & VPS Servers. As of now, we will just provide a quick overview of what can be expected and share some insight into their services.

Pricing –

SiteGround doesn’t try and compete with unlimited platforms. Instead, they allocate enough resources to serve the intended purpose of each plan. Letting the quality of their solutions justify the cost. Starting out at $6.99/mo., the packages vary from the most basic StartUp option. Supporting one website with limited traffic, and extending to the full-scale GoGeek plan, intended for high volume, heavy usage websites.

Each tier increases the amount of storage, features, and visitors that they can support. While this varies drastically from both Namecheap and our other recommended alternatives, the real value is in the company itself.

Placing immense focus on building the perfect hosting platform, SiteGround has crafted a truly unique solution that inspires confidence. With a team of developers on staff, they have created automated monitoring solutions, sophisticated caching technology and a customized server configurations, capable of achieving speeds that would put most companies to shame.

It is rare to find a provider this dedicated to perfection, much less offering their services at such an affordable rate. Utilizing the latest hardware and software, coupled with advanced tools and features, they have truly manage to set the bar for shared hosting solutions.

These plans certainly won’t appeal to everyone, the resource limitations and visitor caps alone can be a deterrent for those that need more. But webmasters that consider reliability and performance above all else, this is an excellent consideration for shared hosting.

Our Pick for Best Affordable Hosting


When it comes to website hosting, there is affordable and then there is cheap. The age-old saying “you get what you pay for” is applicable in this case, where any business worth your consideration will place value in their products and charge accordingly. This doesn’t necessarily mean it must be expensive, but undercutting the competition to the point it impacts quality is never a good sign.

Namecheap is an incredible decision with regards to domain registration, less for website hosting. We can value their craving to stretch out, each organization with the ability to do so has attempted to handle the shared hosting market.

Unfortunately, the decision to go full-scale budget services means a considerable trade-off elsewhere, not something that most webmasters want. Unless up-time, performance, and service are an afterthought, your websites are better hosted somewhere that has built its reputation on that very product.

That brings us to our alternative recommendations, three companies that offer more for less. For the average person, Bluehost is going to fulfill the most common expectations of any webmaster, regardless of knowledge and experience.

Likewise, HostGator is another fantastic pick (Namecheap Alternatives) that offers a truly unlimited platform across all plans, while still maintaining a low cost and easy to use platform. When raw speed, utmost reliability, and cutting edge technology are preferable to higher resource caps. SiteGround (Namecheap Alternatives) has the perfect options to meet your needs. Regardless of your preferences though, any of these hosting providers will serve you well without breaking the bank.

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