March 6, 2021

The NVIDIA GeForce CES 2021 Live Blog: Game On


Kicking off in a few minutes is NVIDIA’s keynote for CES 2021. Dubbed “GeForce RTX: Game On”, the keynote is going to be presented by Jeff Fisher, NVIDIA’s Senior VP for GeForce.

NVIDIA has not given us any concrete messages about what to expect from today’s hour-long keynote, but based on some of their teasers in the last few days, it looks like we’re in store for the launch of NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 30 series laptop parts, which typically follow NVIDIA’s desktop parts by a few months. Despite its scaled-down size, CES this year has been a big event for laptop news, so new laptop GPUs would fit right in for today’s news.

Join us at 9am PT (17:00 UTC) for our full live blog coverage of NVIDIA’s latest GeForce event!

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Author: Ryan Smith & Andrei Frumusanu