Brother, sister from Chicago killed in Mississippi mass shooting

GREENWOOD, Miss. — Two siblings from Chicago were killed in a mass shooting in Mississippi over the weekend.

On Saturday, 10 people were shot outside a home in Greenwood, Mississippi.

Described as “two peas in a pod,” sister 41-year-old Katrina Pitts and brother 42-year-old Jonathan Pitts were visiting from Chicago for their grandmother’s funeral.

At around 11 p.m., witnesses said a group of people were standing outside the home following the grandmother’s funeral when someone opened fire. Both Katrina and Jonathan died in the shooting.

Eight others were also injured after detectives found bullet holes in the home and two vehicles.

Police said the motive is unknown at this time and no one is in custody.

A neighbor and family friend couldn’t understand why someone would do this as people were at the home celebrating the grandmother’s life.

“It’s just a tragedy and my heart is heavy knowing that my friend done lost two of his kids.” friend Eddies Timmons said. “He had one daughter and four sons, so one son is gone and his daughter is gone.”

No arrests have been made.

Chicago News