January 26, 2021

Is San Jose ever going to fix this bridge? Roadshow


Q: How many years have you been fielding questions on the King Road/Commodore Bridge replacement project in San Jose? I’m hoping it will be completed during my lifetime.

Henry Milan, San Jose

A: Oh, Henry, you are just a pup at 64, so hope remains. I first wrote about this decades ago, only to learn that the Army Corps of Engineering wouldn’t approve widening the bridge until more flood protection over Penitencia Creek was complete.

Because the existing bridge restricts the flow of the river, replacing it without downstream creek channel improvements would create flooding issues and threaten endangered steelhead trout. A permit was then rescinded.

But if Santa Clara County voters next month make permanent an annual tax of $67.69 per household, a current tax that is scheduled to expire in 2028, it would raise about $50 million a year and provide money for other flood protection projects in the future. Hopefully, this will not take yet another decade.

Q: A couple of times a week, I walk with my sister in her wheelchair in the Cambrian Park area. One day when we were walking along Leigh Avenue, as I got close to Little Branham, I could see a car parked that was blocking the sidewalk on that corner. There was a trailer in the driveway and another vehicle in the driveway, with a car parked on the street.

I could not go around the front of the car, so I had to take my sister out into the street to go around the illegally parked car blocking the sidewalk. The lady came out to leave when I was going back up to the sidewalk, and I mentioned that I had to take my sister out into the street. She said that it was her driveway and she would park there.

I told her she was blocking the public sidewalk. I kept going down Little Branham so as not to have any further confrontation with her.

If I get the license number of the car blocking the sidewalk, will police do anything about it or advise her that she cannot park across the public sidewalk? It is dangerous to try to push the wheelchair down the street past an illegally parked car.

Linda C., San Jose

A: Yes, it is. You were smart to avoid any further confrontation with her, but right to express your concerns. Hopefully, she will realize that blocking the public sidewalk is wrong.

If this persists, you can call 311 and give this information to the city, which might send out an officer and at least put a warning on her car, if not a ticket.

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Author: Gary Richards