Has Gov. Newsom just doomed gas stations? Roadshow

Q: As electric vehicles become more common and after new fossil fuel-powered vehicles are banned in California, gasoline stations will decline in number as it becomes less profitable and is more difficult for them to survive. As the number declines, owners of fossil-fuel vehicles will find it increasingly difficult to obtain fuel and will, of necessity, give them up. Ultimately, like the slide rule, gas stations will become extinct due simply to market forces.

Paul Jacobs, Saratoga

A: Predicting the future for gas stations is difficult, but they won’t likely all close if Gov. Gavin Newsom’s call becomes a reality that sales of new vehicles in California be only zero-emission cars and trucks by 2035. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Gas-powered vehicles can remain on the road and will need a place to fill up. Look for a surge in buying them before the 2035 deadline.
  • Motorists can buy gas-powered vehicles out of state, then register them here.
  • Cars running on hydrogen will need facilities like gas stations.
  • Some stations are already installing fast-charging outlets.
  • Many stations have convenience stores, and they will likely become more important over time as gas stations try to adjust the sources of their revenue.

Q: Here’s my quandary: One of my friends just posed a question on Facebook about advice for washing off ash on cars. The general advice is to water first because it will turn into a caustic lye solution. Ash is gritty. Hose it off, then wash the car. How should we clean our cars without damaging the paint?

Roberta Schultze

A: Rinse, rinse, rinse. Then wash, said Jeff-The-Roadshow-Auto-Guy.

Q: I lost my driver’s license and went online to the DMV website to obtain a duplicate. It said they have discontinued online duplicates and that I have to make an appointment and go into the DMV office. I have immune deficiencies and I do not go out in public. Why can’t DMV mail my duplicate license?

Gary Robillard

A: You can replace a lost, stolen or damaged license online on the DMV website at https://bit.ly/3jLRXET. After you complete and submit the form online, you should receive a new license card in the mail within three to four weeks. Call 1-800-777-0133 to check the status if the license hasn’t arrived after 60 days.

Q: What is the status for repaving Piedmont and Hostetter roads in San  Jose? I slow down to 25 mph to gingerly go over potholes and cracks.

Neil Watts, San Jose

A: Resurfacing Piedmont is on is scheduled to begin on Oct. 29. Hostetter is planned for work next year.

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Author: Gary Richards