I live 50 feet from the Bay Bridge. Can anything be done about the noise? Roadshow

Q: I live right next to the Bay Bridge; I would guess it’s 50 feet away from my window. I’ve gotten used to the traffic noise, but frequently (and more frequently since COVID-19) I hear loud cars and motorcycles accelerating heavily. I’m sure it sounds cool when you’re on the lower deck, but I’d rather not hear it multiple times a day.

Are there any laws around noise, and could they be enforced in this particular location?

Luke Mulcahy Oakland

A: The culprit is COVID-19. Fewer cars have led to higher speeds, which result in more noise. The CHP will be watching for speeders, etc. However, it is hard to crack down on loud vehicles. More traffic will likely result in less noise as cars go slower.

Q: The new express lane on southbound Interstate 680 from the Benicia Bridge to Walnut Creek has absolutely no signage indicating what the toll is. There aren’t even structures for signs to be added later. So zero pricing equals zero tolls, so is the lane free?

T.H., Walnut Creek

A: No signs, no toll. For now, there’s no charge and it will be a couple of years before express lane work will be completed here.

Q: One person boards Caltrain in Santa Clara, the other boards BART in Milpitas. Who gets to San Francisco first?

Gary Moitozo, San Jose

A: Depends on the time of day. If you are on a Caltrain express run, you’ll get to San Francisco in an hour. If not, it’ll be closer to 90 minutes. BART will take more than an hour.

Q: I think Caltrans deserves a thumbs up for their work on the Echo Summit Bridge on Highway 50. That perilous installation of a new bridge was completed five days earlier than planned.

R.J. Nice, San Mateo

A: Caltrans installed seven 96-foot bridge girders, made seismic upgrades and added new pavement. And we like work wrapping up early. This $14.1 million project includes $5.2 million from the higher gas tax approved by voters to fix roads, freeways and bridges across California. The Echo Summit project replaced the existing bridge, which was built in 1939.

Q: What is the latest on widening Highway 85?

Frankie Hayes, San Jose

A: On Thursday, the VTA is expected to approve adding a new lane between Highway 101 in Mountain View and Highway 87 for transit use and converting the existing HOV lane on 85 into an express lane.

Q: I give props to Campbell for replacing the burned-out lights on McGlincy Lane and Westchester Drive.  I emailed them about the lights on Sept. 23, and they were repaired the very next day. That’s what I call results.

Steve Tidd, San Jose

A: Happy results.

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Author: Gary Richards