UPDATE: Incident 20006 – Cloud Shell Connectivity Issues in asia-southeast1 and an issue with the Pricing UI not loading for some billing accounts with a custom price model.

Cloud Shell Issue Description:
We are experiencing an issue with Cloud Shell in asia-southeast1. It has been partially mitigated, but our engineering team has determined that further investigation is required to fully resolve the issue. Users might still encounter connectivity issues when starting new Cloud Shell sessions.

Cloud Console Billing UI Issue Description:
Additionally, Cloud Console is experiencing an issue with Pricing UI page not loading for some billing accounts associated with a custom price model globally.

We will provide an update by Thursday, 2020-09-24 14:00 US/Pacific with current details.

Cloud Shell Diagnosis: Error message “Cloud Shell is temporarily not available please try after some time”, or connectivity errors when attempting to create a new Cloud Shell instance.

Cloud Console Billing UI Diagnosis:
Affected customers’ Billing UI page may not load properly.

Cloud Shell Workaround: As a workaround you can use command line on your local machine.

Cloud Billing UI Workaround: None at this time.

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