Feds file gun case against San Francisco man acquitted of 2014 murder charge

SAN FRANCISCO — Federal prosecutors have filed felony gun charges against a city resident who was acquitted of murder in 2014, based upon a legal theory of self-defense, court records show.

Darius York, who is also identified as “Darious York” in court records, faces a maximum of 10 years in federal prison for a charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm. The charging documents allege that San Francisco officers overheard York talking about a gun, then saw him pull one from his pants as he ran from them.

The criminal complaint alleges that the plainclothes officers were on the sidewalk of 3rd Street between La Salle and McKinnon Avenues when they overheard York talking to another person. The officers saw cash in York’s hand and heard the words, “gun” and “I want to buy,” the complaint alleges.

York allegedly ran off when the officers tried to detain him, pulled a gun from his waist, and then ran into a parked car, allowing police to detain him. The charging records allege York has been arrested 60 times throughout his life.

In 2016, York was acquitted of murdering 18-year-old Daniel Beltran at the Henry Hotel in July 2014. His attorney argued that York shot and killed Beltran to defend a friend during an altercation between two groups of people.

York’s co-defendant, Joseph Gale Young, also was acquitted of murder charges. But earlier this year, Young was tried and convicted of murdering Anthony Sing, 19, in an Antioch shooting described by police as a gang retaliation for Singh murdering one of Young’s friends. He is awaiting sentencing.

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Author: Nate Gartrell