Virtual Burning Man: Here’s what you need to know about festival

Burning Man is still happening this year. It’s just happening online, instead of its usual location in Black Rock City, Nevada.

You know what that means, right? You can have air conditioning at Burning Man 2020!

Here’s what you need to know to properly enjoy the virtual festivities.

When does it happen?

The party is on right now and it runs through Sept. 6.

Where will you find the virtual festival?

Start at the main website,, then click that big blue “participate” button to begin exploring the Burning Man Multiverse.

What’s a Multiverse, anyway?

Comic book fans have long (and confusingly) talked about multiverses or multiple universes. In this case, the multiverse is where most of the online Burning Man fun takes place, with many different activities and experiences for folks to check out.

“Follow us down a virtual rabbit hole to indulge in the most critical, unimportant things,” the festival website invites. “Imagine circus, spectacles, parties and maybe a few ridiculous feats of imagination.”

How about a few examples?

Some of the Multiverse offerings include Churning Man (a fitness class that results in fresh butter for the participant — which to us, sounds rather like defeating the purpose), a Motown dance party and something truly scary called the Uncyclopedia Virtual Portapotty Simulator. We were too frightened to actually click on the link to find out if it is what we think it is  — and, really, how could it not be?

How much does it cost to attend/view?

It’s free to attend online.

Will they still burn the Man at the end?

Yes, organizers are planning for a Burn Night on Sept. 5. Only, it’ll be a “Burn Night: Live From Home” edition, with people making their own individual men to burn down on their own.

“Create your burnable Mini Man effigy using our blueprint, or something from your own imagination. Then host a small Burn wherever you are, within your local COVID-safe limits, ignited time zone by time zone worldwide on Burning Man’s traditional Burn Night — September 5, 2020,” the website suggests.

And, yes, that sounds like a really bad suggestion to us, as well, given the wildfires that have been raging in California. We’ll definitely pass on this part of the Multiverse.

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Author: Jim Harrington