openSUSE Tumbleweed had continuous daily snapshots with a handful of software package updates this week.

Many minor-version updates and one major-version update became available to Tumbleweed users and the newest snapshot, 20200804, updated the iso-codes package, which lists country, language and currency names; the new 4.5.0 version updated translations and the subdivision names for Belarus. The Greybird Geeko theme was updated to improve contrast of gtk2 selection background color. The desktop calculator qalculate was updated to version 3.12.0 and improved exact simplification of roots. The fast hash algorithm xxhash 0.8.0 stablized the XXH3. Both libyui-ncurses and ncurses had minor updates. The snapshot is trending stable with a rating of 97, according to the Tumbleweed snapshot reviewer.

Snapshots 20200803 and 20200802 updated multiple scripts and configurations in the aaa_base package, which addressed an offline systemd situation and made an adjustment for usr/bin/service regarding legacy-action initscripts. The Light, Midlight, Mid and Dark colors were correctly set in the update from adwaita-qt 1.1.1 to 1.1.4 in snapshots 20200803. DNS forwarder and DHCP server, dnsmasq 2.82, fixed a crash that was triggered under a heavy TCP connection load, which was introduced in version 2.81. Authorization manager polkit 0.117 activated Gitlab CI and fixed a memory management issue. The snapshot is trending stable with a rating of 93, according to the Tumbleweed snapshot reviewer.

GNU Compiler Collection 10.2 arrived in the 20200802 snapshot. The updated GCC fixed a recent chromium build failure. The command line utility for various operations on container images and image repositories, skopeo, updated to version 1.1.1 and now runs htpasswd from the build-container instead of registry:2. Nodejs14 14.6.0 added an option to track unmanaged file descriptors, the automake tool updated to version 1.16.2, which added new features support for zstd and the automake option, dist-zstd, and library mpfr updated to version 4.1.0. The snapshot is trending stable with a rating of 92, according to the Tumbleweed snapshot reviewer.

The lone major version update of the week arrived in snapshot 20200801. The 3.0 version of python-cryptography removed support for LibreSSL 2.7.x, 2.8.x, and 2.9.0. Several other python packages were updated in the snapshot and both autoyast2 and yast2-packager were updated to 4.3.32 and 4.3.6 respectively. The snapshot is trending at a rating of 80, according to the Tumbleweed snapshot reviewer.

The snapshot 20200731 provided an update of git 2.28.0 and now recognizes the “diff.relative” configuration variable and the “fetch.writeCommitGraph” is deemed to be still a bit too risky, but is no longer part of the “feature.experimental” set. The 5.7.11 Linux Kernel fixed a with Btrfs mount failure and back-reference resolution failure. Debugging tool xfsprogs updated to 5.7.0 and redis 6.0.6 fixed a few rare leaks. With sendmail 8.16.1, openSSL versions before 0.9.8 are no longer supported. The snapshot is likely to record a stable rating of 99, according to the Tumbleweed snapshot reviewer.

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