Hills southwest of Pittsburg could see hundreds of new homes

The hills southwest of Pittsburg could soon see hundreds of new homes if the city approves a developer’s plan for the area.

The Faria/Southwest Hills project, which includes up to 1,500 homes on 341 acres with another 265 acres for open space, will be considered at a Pittsburg Planning Commission hearing at 7 p.m. Tuesday. If recommended, it would later go before the City Council for approval.

Seeno’s Concord-based Discovery Builders is asking for the commission’s recommendation to approve a development agreement, an amendment to the city’s general plan and pre-zoning designations as well as review its environmental impact documents.

Critics, including environmentalists groups like Save Mount Diablo, say the developer has not provided enough detail to understand the project’s impacts, including on the new regional park on the Concord side of the hills.

Seth Adams of Save Mount Diablo said that under the plans development could occur on the top of the ridgeline and in an area that few have seen because it was once formally under the Concord Naval Weapons’ Station’s hands.

“This is a case where the ridgeline should be protected and Pittsburg residents should have as much access (to the new regional park) as other cities,” he said. “Pittsburg residents deserve to have access to this park and trails showcasing these beautiful views and wildlife habitat.”

Plans to develop the hills date back to 2006 when the city approved an agreement with Seeno that established guidelines for the development of a permanent greenbelt buffer along the inner edges of the voter-approved urban limit line. The buffer zone permanently preserved all land between the city of Concord border and the first set of ridges.

Four years later, in 2010, Seeno submitted an application for the city to begin annexation of the site, which would move the city boundary so that the property would be within city limits. Environmental reviews were later conducted and changes made along the way, with the final EIR made available for review on July 17 of this year.

The proposed 606-acre project site is bounded by Bailey Road and the not-yet-built Bailey Estates subdivision to the east; the Concord city limits and recently closed Concord Naval Weapons Station to the south and west; and the San Marco and Vista Del Mar residential subdivisions along the northern boundary and other open space areas along the northeastern boundary.

To submit a comment for the Planning Commission, email to meetingcomments@ci.pittsburg.ca.us

The meeting will be live-streamed at https://bit.ly/3jJQ383.

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Author: Judith Prieve