Robert Griffin III encourages fans to wear masks to save NFL season

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Robert Griffin III knows everyone wants to watch football this year. If people want to see NFL players take the field this fall, though, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Robert Griffin III is delivering some words of wisdom.

Robert Griffin III: “Wear a mask and social distance if you want a chance for football”

Just weeks before NFL players are scheduled to report for training camp, the United States is seeing record numbers for new COVID-19 cases every few days. With the 2020 NFL season appearing to be in greater jeopardy, Robert Griffin III is joining a wave of players that aren’t afraid to speak out.

RGIII encouraged NFL fans to follow simple safety guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic. For anyone that wants to watch football this season, wearing a mask and social distancing is one way to help keep hope for football alive.

The approach is certainly more subtle than that of Seattle Seahawks defensive back Quandre Diggs. Seattle’s defensive star blasted the “cockiness” of Americans for the increased spread of the coronavirus.

Will there be an NFL season?

The NFL remains confident that its 2020 season will begin on schedule, creating social distancing guidelines and COVID-19 protocols for training camp and the preseason. Unfortunately, that sentiment isn’t shared by teams and players across the league.

Multiple coaches and general managers have expressed concerns over the NFL’s lack of firm plans and a failure to communicate effectively with teams. Meanwhile, many clubs are feeling uneasy about playing this season and are calling for a delay until October.

There is also significant uncertainty among NFL players. The NFLPA is requesting the entire preseason be eliminated and several NFL stars are expressing some doubts about the upcoming season.

It’s possible the NFL pushes through all of this and the 2020 season begins in September. The odds of that happening further increase if people follow safety protocols, as Griffin III suggested. If the pandemic worsens, though, we might not see football in 2020.

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Author: Matt Johnson

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