Raise your computer’s performance with Samsung SSD

Raise your computer’s performance with Samsung SSD

When it comes to the performance and speed of your computer there are a few things that can contribute to that. One of those is replacing a hard disk drive with a solid-state drive. This simple and easy change can make a drastic difference to your computers day to day performance of tasks.

What is SSD?

You are probably wondering what SSD actually is and what the difference is to a standard hard drive. SSD or Solid state drive is a type of memory storage that uses flash memory to deliver performance gains compared to a standard mechanical hard drive. They are built without any small moving parts which are often the reason behind hard drives breaking down or becoming slow.
The SSD is much more robust meaning that the read and write times are much quicker and this is what speeds up your computer.

Upgrading your devices to SSD

Upgrading to SSD is a simple change but could save you time and money in the long run. Samsung EVO 860 or EVO 970 are both great examples of SSDs that will help improve your devices even if they are slightly older.1 With a machine that runs much faster, you can concentrate on getting work done and not waiting around for systems to load.

Samsung SSD

What are the benefits of upgrading to SSD?

The power of SSD means that you can increase your productivity with faster loading and booting times. SSDs don’t need to mechanically seek out data on a moving platter (which hard drives have to) and this will help your system with an instant-on boot.

Whilst you are at it why not increase your efficiency, with no moving parts an SSD requires less energy to operate and can help to increase the life of a laptop battery. Along with that, without the moving parts, there’s no need to keep the hard drive cool and they are able to maintain a consistent operating temp.

SSD such as the Samsung EVO 860 and EVO 970 have increased reliability and durability. They are built to last and the lack of delicate and fragile moving parts means that they can be thrown around and still retain important data and files.

Upgrading to SSD couldn’t be simpler

Give your devices that extra boost of power and upgrade to SSD today. More often than not it’s an easy task of removing the old drive and slotting in the new piece of kit. If you are unsure of what to do or even what you need then feel free to call our team of IT Specialists who are very knowledgeable and are ready to talk you through the process.

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Things you need to know:
1. The rate of improvement will depend on your operating system, hardware, and what software is loading

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