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When it comes to web hosting services (or web hosting) many people just learn about the web, SEO, you can’t help but consider the cost issue.

But there are many free hosting services that you can check and try out in this article.

These free hosting sites are ideal for small bloggers, satellite sites, or for those who want to mess around with a tight budget.

Note: Below is a list of free web hosting services, a few units that support WordPress installation.

Top 20 free web hosting services

1 Wix
2 WordPress
3 Weebly
4 Jimdo
5 Byethost
6 Webnode
7 AwardSpace
8 Angelfire
9 Neocities
10 Tripod.com
11 uCoz
12 FreeHostingEU
13 U Host Full
14 Free Web Hosting No Ads
15 Free Virtual Servers
16 000webhost.com
17 x10Hosting.com
18 5GBFree.com
19 Freehostia.com
20 FreeWebHostingArea.com

Now, let’s take a look at the interesting statistics about the web hosting service industry, the figures provided by Websitehostinginsider.com:

  • WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) and accounts for 27.5% of websites.
  • Each day, about 50,000 new blogs are launched with the open source WordPress platform.
  • GoDaddy is the leading web hosting service with a 21% market share.
  • The slow site will greatly affect the business. Additionally, visitors will abandon the site if the site loads slowly.
  • There are more than one billion registered websites on the internet in 2017.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before you decide to choose a free service, take a look at their advantages and disadvantages:


As mentioned earlier, the most obvious benefit is cost savings. The cost of hosting packages may increase over time. So, if your budget is limited then free hosting services are an ideal option to make a low-cost website with not too great web demand.


  • The free hosting services that your provider allows to use may stop working at any time. They may decide to ask you to switch to a paid plan or even reduce the number of free hosting packages you are using. If this happens, you will waste time moving to a “new home”.
  • Another limitation is that the free hosting provider may show ads anywhere on your website. You will not be able to control or eliminate them. In addition, you will be limited to certain features as well as storage and bandwidth limits, which will greatly affect your site.

Let’s start in brief –

1. Wix

Wix is ​​a website builder software provider as well as a free web hosting service. The free plan includes 500MB of storage and bandwidth, secure storage, drag-and-drop editing, mobile responsive, and other feature pages. 

Wix web hosting services are very reliable, secure and SEO optimized. The best part is that you can track and manage your website activity from a dashboard page.


Why choose Wix?

  • Great support . You will receive help by phone or email and access to useful training resources.
  • Personalize your website . Customize and modify your website with your own branding elements.
  • Handling high traffic flow . No need to worry about increasing the number of visitors because Wix hosting can easily manage high traffic on your website.

2. WordPress

WordPress is the most popular content management system and accounts for about 27% of the total number of websites. 

We have included this provider in our list of the top 20 free web hosting services because WordPress offers free packages for users at a WordPress.com subdomain, community support, and essential features. of jetpack. 

The most obvious reason to try this service is the large community of users and developers, along with the constantly updated source code that will ensure your site will be hosted without a problem. What happened?


Why choose WordPress?

  • 3 GB storage capacity . You will get 3Gb hosting package for your website.
  • Simple design customization . WordPress gives you the ability to customize your own website design according to your preferences and needs.
  • Dozens of themes and plugins supported for free .

3. Weebly

Weebly is a reliable and free web hosting services besides website building software. You will get optimal performance thanks to the provider’s backup data center, cloud-hosted infrastructure. 

This allows you to provide a great browsing experience for visitors. Key features include 500 MB storage capacity, SSL security, Weebly.com subdomain, and search engine optimization.


Why choose Weebly?

  • Modern hosting service. Your website will be distributed across the entire Weebly server infrastructure, with the ability to meet millions of visits to the site every day. Therefore, even if there is a spike in the number of visitors, your Weebly website will continue to function normally.
  • Reliability. Your website loads fast and still exists under all conditions. This gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus your time on other important tasks.
  • Great support. With the free package, you can chat and support via email, and you can also contact community forum members for support and guidance.

4. Jimdo

You can use Jimdo to build your website then Jimdo offers you free web hosting service. The provider will manage the entire process, allowing you to focus on website development and other important tasks. 

Jimdo also provides backup, security and all techniques to ensure your site is protected and always active for visitors.


Why choose Jimdo?

  • Access to custom HTML / CSS area. If you have coding skills, you are free to edit the code for your template.
  • Free forever. You can use the service for free forever without any time limit or pressure from your provider to change to a paid plan.

5. Byethost

Byethost will provide you with a free hosting package that includes features like control panel, FTP account, and file manager, free tech support, MySQL database, and PHP support, unlimited add. -on the domain, parked domain, and subdomain, no ads, group server. The service states on its website that this is the fastest hosting server in the world.


Why choose Byethost?

  • Free hosting guide.
  • Softaculous script installer. Install more than 300 popular applications including top social networks, online shopping carts, photo galleries, blogs, content management systems, and more.
  • Unlimited storage capacity. You don’t have to worry about running out of storage or bandwidth for your website.

6. Webnode

Webnode allows you to develop and run a free website on their platform.

With the free website, you get a very reliable hosting package, professional customer support, and unlimited pages.

You also have a simple site builder to use that allows you to easily create websites by dragging and dropping elements like photo galleries, blogs, and other sites.


Why choose Webnode?

  • Lots of free stuff. Webnode provides users with hosting services, content management, website building, and hundreds of free templates.
  • There are no advertisements. This provider will not place any offensive advertisements on your site.
  • SEO Marketing. Webnode provides support for advanced SEO methods and automatically generates optimized site maps and URLs.

7. AwardSpace

AwardSpace provides users with features in their free hosting package including 1 GB of disk space, 5 GB of monthly traffic, 1 MySQL database with 30 MB of disk space, short domain name (dx. am), 1 domain name and 3 subdomains and 100% without ads. 

In addition, the provider guarantees 99.9% uptime so you can rest assured that your website will be up and running. However, customer support issues will be limited to the free package.


Why choose AwardSpace?

  • Free website builder.
  • Send email. You can create a free email account and send messages to your business partners and collaborators through this hosting package.
  • Joomla and WordPress installer. Easily install popular applications like Joomla, WordPress and many others

8. Angelfire

Angelfire has been hosting web services since 1996. In addition to hosting, Angelfire also provides services such as website creation tools, domain names, and email, newsletter management services.


Why choose Angelfire?

  • Trustworthy. This company has been in operation since 1996 so you can rest assured that they will provide reliable hosting services for a long time.
  • Additional website builder. They provide a website builder tool that you can use to design your website quickly and easily.
  • Good support. You can get quick support anytime through their help ticket system and they also provide users with system status updates.

9. Neocities

Neocities is an excellent free hosting service suitable for all web hosting solutions, high speed, and reliability.

The operations are supported by CDNs in their caching in 11 data centers around the world to serve customer websites.

In addition, they provide full support for HTTP / 2 and strong SSL on all websites.


Why choose Neocitites?

  • There are no advertisements. Neocities will not place ads on your site because they are supported and user-contributed. This is a great advantage provided by this free hosting service.
  • Developer tools. You’ll get a range of tools like APIs for creating developer apps, RSS feeds, command-line tools, easy file uploads, and HTML editors in the browser.
  • Open-source.

10. Tripod.com

Tripod.com offers free hosting services ideal for new users as well as for personal websites.

This package provides all the basic features of the service including easy-to-use website builder.

Other key features include 20 MB memory, 1 website, 5 themes, 2 plug-ins and email support.

11. uCoz

uCoz offers free web hosting services along with an integrated CMS. You can use CMS modules together to create a fully featured or separate website to build a web forum, blog, online shopping site, etc.

uCoz has been used to create more than 1.5 million websites and this service is very popular in Russia.

12. FreeHostingEU

FreeHostingEU provides professional and free hosting service. This free package is ideal for small business websites as well as average personal websites.

With the free plan, you will get 200 MB of web hosting, 5 short domains, 4000 MB of monthly data transfer, free Joomla and WordPress hosting, easy website creation tool and simple control panel to use.

13. U Host Full

We have listed U Host Full in the list of top 20 free web hosting services because it offers a full range of features including website builder, webmail, free SSH, free support, email forwarding , website traffic statistics, import databases, FTP accounts, subdomains and more.

They also provide PHP, MySQL using clustering technology. They use robust and stable servers using 1 GBPS internet connection.

14. Free Web Hosting No Ads

FreeHostingNoAds.net is a free hosting service provider since 2010.

Their goal is to provide high quality hosting services for small business websites, blogs and personal websites for free.

With the free hosting package you will get features like 200 GB traffic, 20 GB capacity, free website builder, 3 PHP versions, POP3 email accounts and no ads.

15. Free Virtual Servers

Virtual Severs free hosting provider launched in 2004 and it has become one of the UK’s most popular free web hosting services with over 55,000 customers.

Besides free web hosting, they offer web design services , online hosting, domain name registration and paid hosting packages at very affordable prices.

With the free plan, you get 100 MB of web storage, 1 GB bandwidth, 1 email account and free website builder.

16. 000webhost.com

000webhost.com has been in the hosting industry for over 10 years and offers a lot of useful features in its free hosting package including control panel, 1 GB disk space, 10 GB bandwidth, page builder. Simple web, auto-install (Joomla, WordPress and many other source code), fully supports PHP and MySQL database.

17. x10Hosting.com

x10Hosting.com provides many free features such as support for MySQL, email, FTP and cPanel control. You will also get over 200 free auto-install scripts and website builders.

In short, you get all the tools you need to create a great website. For support, you can contact the community of over 750,000 members who are available to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction.

18. 5GBFree.com

5GBFree.com provides basic features suitable for new users, 5GBFree.com will provide you with space for web hosting and those who want to host websites temporarily.

This supplier has more than 5 years of industry experience, so I don’t appreciate it very much.

In addition, their free hosting services are provided by Cisco infrastructure and servers located in a data center in the United States.

With the free plan, you get 20 GB bandwidth, 5 GB storage, FTP account and subdomain.

19. Freehostia.com

Freehostia.com offers a free hosting package called Chocolate, which provides users with features such as 6 GB monthly traffic, 250 MB storage, 24/7 customer support, and an installer. 1-time free script and some other features.

This package is ideal for small personal websites and you want to learn about the web. You can experience and rate the service without paying a penny.

Use the free plan until you really want to upgrade, and if you need to upgrade to a paid plan, you can start it immediately with one click.

20. FreeWebHostingArea.com

FreeWebHostingArea has been operating since 2005 for you to use it safely.

Your account will work forever but your site must have a monthly amount of traffic.

This provider allows users from all countries as long as the site content is legitimate.

Especially with the Free Web Hosting Area you will be able to use reliable and high quality services because they use fast multi-CPU dedicated servers with lots of RAM and SSDs.

If you want more features, the lowest paid plan costs just $ 1 / month.

Conclusion –

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