Letter: US must provide security from true threats we face

Re: “Defunding police isn’t the answer – real reform is” (Editorial, Eastbaytimes.com, June 10):

The June 10 editorial in the East Bay Times editorial states that “defunding the police isn’t the answer, real reform is.” Our organization, East Bay Peace Action, however, believes reform must go to the next level.

COVID-19, domestic police brutality and racial inequality show us that it’s time to reduce funding for militarism and fund programs that provide communities with true security. We call for:

  • Ending the 1033 Program, which authorizes the Defense Department to send military equipment and weapons to local police departments
  • Blocking funding for the use of U.S. military force against racial justice protests
  • Significantly reducing the overall size of the Pentagon budget

We urge readers to ask their congressional representatives to support programs that provide security from the true threats we face today. COVID-19, climate change, risk of nuclear war, poverty, systemic racism and inequality won’t be solved militarily.

Betty BrownCo-ChairpersonEast Bay Peace ActionKensington

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