Are cops not ticketing speeders on these raceway streets? Roadshow

Q: I realize it’s easy to say police aren’t even out there anymore to ticket speeders when we have a limited view of that; however, it definitely seems that way. I can’t remember the last time I saw a cop ticket someone in residential neighborhoods.

Los Gatos-Almaden is a race track most days, as is Blossom Hill Road, Almaden Expressway and anywhere that there is a long straight shot. National Avenue between Samaritan Drive and LG Almaden Road as well. People getting to and from Highway 85 are hitting 50 mph easily. I am shocked more people haven’t been hurt.

Steve Sullivan

A: More bad news. City staffs are being cut due to the COVID-19 crisis. Menlo Park recently announced it was disbanding its traffic unit, and others may do the same.

Q: You have written several times about drivers getting tickets for going over 100 mph. Why aren’t their cars being impounded? I believe the law states that can be done. Maybe spending thousands to get their car back may teach a lesson.

Tom Warney Milpitas

A: The California Highway Patrol says it has, at the officer’s discretion, impounded a few of the 4,000 drivers clocked at these insane speeds since the coronavirus swept over the state in March. I hope they realize the huge penalties they can also pay:

  • Nearly $1,000 in fines and fees.
  • License may be suspended for 30 days.
  • Two points will be applied to your driving record.
  • Auto insurance premiums will rise several hundred dollars a year.
  • Penalties for commercial drivers could be higher, and fheir license is suspended.
  • You can’t wipe out the violation by attending traffic school.

Q:  My niece is flying out of state for college in the fall, and currently only has her learner’s permit.  She, like so many others, had her driving test canceled. Unfortunately, that paper permit will not be enough for the TSA to let her on a plane.

My sister-in-law is pulling her hair out trying to reach a live person at the DMV, and is having no luck at all. Is there any way to get the system to at least issue my niece a state photo ID so she can leave town for college?  Even if the driving test remains on hold, she really needs something official from the state.

I figured if anyone knew the brilliant solution to this, it would be you.

Margaret Kalb

A: If driving tests are still prohibited, have her get a passport. She can use that to board a flight.

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Author: Gary Richards