New stripes on I-880 mean new lane change rules: Roadshow

Q: I see signs on Interstate 880 about upcoming lane changes. I want to know more: when, where and why would be a good start.

Lee Ramirez, San Leandro

A: This week, crews will begin striping new lane configurations on I-880 from Oakland to San Jose as Caltrans gets closer to opening the express lanes this fall. Over the next five months, they’ll add double white lines, which cannot be lawfully crossed, in several segments, with dashed lines in other segments and new merge lanes.

Southbound work will begin at Hegenberger Road to Dixon Landing Road. Northbound striping will stretch from mid-June to July 3, beginning at Dixon Landing to Lewelling Boulevard in San Lorenzo. Work in both directions will be done from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m., with 2 to 5 miles completed each night.

The new striping will be painted between the far-left HOV lane and the adjacent lane. Once new striping is done, drivers in certain segments will not be allowed to move into or out of the far left lane.

Lane-change rules will be effective immediately, even though express lane tolling will not begin for several months. Signs will explain where to exit the far-left lane to reach different exits.

Paving work also continues through approximately June 20 in areas where I-880 was widened to provide more space for entering and exiting the express lanes. These areas are southbound Hesperian Boulevard to Winton Avenue, southbound Alvarado-Niles Road to Alvarado Boulevard, northbound near the CHP truck scales at Auto Mall Parkway and northbound near Tennyson Road.

Q: I’ve always wondered how some people could be so nonchalant and comfortable with fare jumping onto BART. It’s stealing from everybody else. Even in my poorest of times, and I was poor in my younger days, I would never fathom jumping the BART fare gates for free.

John Willis

A: An excellent point. To all honest BART riders, good for you.

Q: You said that a person whose license expires by June 10 can request a temporary paper extension online. My expiration date is June 30 and I have an appointment at the Alma office on June 4. I am 81 and frankly very afraid about going out in public. I haven’t left the house since March 14.

I called the DMV and was on hold for two hours before giving up. The next day, after 1½ hours, I accepted the call-back option and got a call an hour later, but when I answered there was no one there.

I’m at my wits’ end and I’ve lost sleep worrying about this

Meta Karmin, San Jose

A: Understandably so. Expect another extension coming. Details to come.

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Author: Gary Richards