Re: “My ‘decision to make’: Trump defends criticized use of drug” (Page A4, May 20):

These are trying times for thoughtful and intelligent Americans. Our president seems to lie as easily as he breathes.

We now are informed that he is taking the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a precaution against coronavirus. Is this the truth, or an attempt to manipulate the public?

As a psychologist, I have been watching Trump and his false statements. It seems to me that President Trump’s confidence in his judgment and intelligence is so great that he fully believes everything he thinks and whatever comes out of his mouth. Without any background in medicine or the scientific method, he has no doubt that he fully understands all scientific material that is presented to him.

Trump is right. The decision about putting hydroxychloroquine into his own body is his to make. He is engaged in a scientific experiment with N = 1. The results of his experiment will be valuable.

Elizabeth PrestonOakland

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