Letter: Regional Medical Center’s maternity ward saved our lives

Regional’s maternity wardsaved our lives; keep it open

Thank you for your article about the heavy impact COVID-19 is having on my neighborhood in East San Jose (“COVID-19 does not discriminate,” Page A1, May 10).

I am very concerned about the plan of Regional Medical Center to close its maternity units at the end of May (“Photos: Regional Medical Center nurses protest planned closure of maternity ward,” Mercurynews.com, April 23). I owe my life and that of my daughter to the close proximity of Regional to my home.

I had planned to have my baby at El Camino Hospital Mountain View, where my insurance was accepted. When I started having severe labor pains, though, traffic was heavy, so my husband was forced to drive to the nearest hospital, which was Regional.

Within a few minutes after I arrived, I had my daughter in their labor and delivery department.

As the only hospital in this underserved area in the midst of a pandemic, Regional should keep their life-saving maternity and newborn units open.

Irma GutierrezSan Jose

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