Coronavirus unemployment: California loses 2.3 million jobs in April, jobless rate skyrockets

California lost millions of jobs during April — the worst economic setback on record for California — and the statewide unemployment rate soared higher, according to a grim report that provides the most comprehensive details yet about the impact of the coronavirus on the Golden State’s suddenly frail economy.

April brought a loss of 2.34 million jobs in California, and the statewide unemployment rate jumped to 15.5 percent, according to a federal government report released on Friday. Both the job losses and the unemployment rate in California were the worst in at least three decades.

The leisure and hospitality sector, which includes the battered hotel, restaurant, bar, and entertainment industries, lost 866,200 jobs in California during April.

To underscore the impact of the coronavirus on the hotel and restaurant industry, job totals in the leisure and hospitality sector plunged 44 percent during April. That was far worse than the decline of 13.5 percent for all non-farm payroll jobs in California last month.

Construction companies shed 132,100 jobs while the manufacturing industry lost 118,700 positions in California during April.

California’s trade, transportation, and utility sector, which includes retail, wholesale, aviation, and ports jobs, lost 388,700 positions for a 12.7 percent decline in April.






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Author: George Avalos