Letter: The US has confined citizens, guilty of nothing, before

US has confined citizens,guilty of nothing, before

Does history repeat itself? When in the past has America forcefully confined citizens, guilty of nothing, knowing it meant financial ruin? And the directives, not laws, were totally based on fear?

In World War II, innocent citizens of Japanese descent were forcefully confined against their will, losing property, income and freedom. We feared massive espionage or sabotage, which did not happen. Did internment prevent it or was it never going to happen, with our fear being the only thing real?

Today, again driven by fear, we gave up some liberty to “flatten the curve” and prevent medical systems from being overwhelmed. Mission accomplished. It can’t be proven if confinement was successful or not needed. Any position taken can be supported by recognized experts.

In 80 years, how will America look back on us surrendering our liberty? Especially since the medical systems are now safe and functioning, but confinement continues.


Howard MyersExecutive Vice PresidentThe Liberty Forum of Silicon ValleySanta Clara

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