March 8, 2021

Letter: I used to be attracted to the populist philosophy


I used to be attracted tothe populist philosophy

Re: “Thiessen: Crisis may fuel the populism that made Trump president” (Opinion section, May 14):

I used to be attracted to the populist philosophy – let’s hear from, and for, the people. After all, isn’t that what democracy is? One person, one vote!

My vote is equal to the vote of any expert. OK so far. But you have to make sure that everybody votes – or at least, everybody who is so inclined.

Now, let’s add a single simple requirement: You must be loyal to the populist leader in order to hold a position of power and responsibility.

Knowledge, expertise and talent become secondary. Criticism of the leader becomes a political death warrant. Sycophants thrive. Innovation, science and truth wither.

Are we there yet?



Ed KyserLos Altos


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