Letter: Newspapers should recommend that Trump resign

83K US deaths in 90 days?Trump is not leading

Why haven’t newspapers recommended that Trump resign from office? It is time for Americans to insist that President Trump resign. How much longer do we have to put up with this gross incompetence?

It is obvious that he is not leading our country. I am 80 years old, a former Army officer, and school principal, and I can’t believe that I am living in America.

I have never been so disappointed with the status of my country and it is getting worse every day — over 83,000 Americans have died in just over three months. There is not adequate testing and no long-range plan for the future of America.

It is time newspapers facilitate this change, take the lead and insist that he resign.  With the political talent available, there are many who can play a role in returning America to its status as the leader of the free world, before it is too late.

Lawrence DauchSan Jose

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Author: Deanne Musolf