Letter: How many of us are dismayed with our election process?

I’m tired of voting againsta candidate I don’t like

How many of us are dismayed with our state and federal election processes, tired of the lack of candidate choices, mudslinging campaigns, and voting against the candidate you don’t like instead of voting for a candidate you do like?

The solution? Ranked choice voting.

Ranked choice voting allows voters to rank their choices among the candidates rather than selecting just one. Ranked choice voting gives candidates outside the two major parties an opportunity. It encourages candidates to seek consensus beyond their respective parties while reducing muck-raking tactics, gives underrepresented voters a voice, encourages voter turnout, allows one to vote for their favorite without fear of splitting the vote or merely voting for the least offensive.

The state of Maine and many cities around the country use ranked choice voting, none having problems counting ballots. It’s time to improve our election system. Join the RCV movement (www.FairVote.org). Petition Gov. Gavin Newsom to sign ranked choice voting legislation in California.

David StahlSan Jose

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