Campbell city council to vote on location of new Chick-fil-A

CAMPBELL (KRON) – A long-simmering controversy over whether to green-light a new fast food restaurant is coming to a head in Campbell.

The city council is expected to vote Tuesday night on whether to clear the way for a new Chick-fil-A restaurant amid opposition from neighbors.

Chick-fil-A is one of the fastest-growing fast-food franchises in the country but many neighbors feel that along with those tasty chicken sandwiches, a new restaurant on South Bascom Avenue would also serve up a lot of extra, unwanted traffic.

Along with those, if approved by the Campbell City Council, a Denny’s restaurant at the corner of South Bascom Avenue and Arroyo Seco Drive would be replaced by a new Chick-fil-A restaurant.  

A decision by the Cambell planning commission approving the plan was appealed by Mary Broxon and a few other neighbors.

“To put something that’s this out of character in that spot, bringing that amount of traffic will be, um, a detriment to everything else that the city’s made progress on,” Mary Broxon said.

Critics of the plan worry that popular Chick-fil-A restaurants, like the one in Concord, will mean a lot more traffic on an already busy street and worry some of that traffic will spill over into the neighborhood.  

Trying to maintain an open mind before the vote is City Councilman Rich Waterman.

“We have to be concern, just say no to everything. We have to allow certain things that are, come in that are practical and are not, you know, uh, pawn shops or massage parlors. We want something a little better, something more vibrant, but not too vibrant. That’s kind of the give and take we see here,” Waterman said.

The city council not long ago rejected a similar plan to locate an in and out burger restaurant on the site of the now-defunct Elephant Bar on Hamilton Avenue near Highway 17.  

The opposition says a Chick-fil-A could add at least 2,000 cars per day to the mix, potentially contributing to litter, noise, and emissions. 

“It’s not just that it’s a national franchise. It’s a national franchise on steroids. When you open up a Chic-fil-A, it’s the, they build it and they will come, right. And they do, in droves,” Catherine Block said.

Lamenting the looming loss of their favorite restaurant, one Denny’s customer said he would welcome a Chick-fil-A if it came without a drive-thru while others say the city should leave well enough alone.

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